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 What we realize in our family history, is that generation after generation, respect has always been a topic of discussion. Knight Fuel will always believe that our employees should be able to work in a stress free environment, offering flexible work schedules. We believe that a creative and supportive work environment is understanding of personal and family obligations.

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         Knight Fuel is a full-service home heating oil delivery company. We are based in Westchester County and operate throughout New York. Knight Fuel is proud to be family owned and operated. Knight Fuel is dedicated to our customers by providing them with excellent, reliable, and friendly service and the reassurance that they will continue to have a warm, safe, and comfortable home. Here at Knight Fuel, we guarantee our products and services at discount prices. Our goals are to educate and promote success in every delivery that we make. Knight fuel strives to be the best oil company that we can be.

      We stand behind our service and our customers. We believe in building and maintaining valuable relationships with our customers. We’ll be here for you today, tomorrow, and well into the future.




Building on our family legacy of 45 years of providing excellent service and oil deliveries, We maintain that same spirit of excellence and customer service. We provide excellent professional installers and our oil delivery personnel are courteous and serve with a smile.

We take pride in every aspect of our service to our customers!

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