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Why Choose Oil?

Knight fuel is an Oil company that respect all people, We love to provide great customer service, in fact that's what separates us from the rest . We want to provide good customer service to all, We want our customers to feel like family, so when they call, they are no strangers to us. We want them to feel at home. We are the oil company that cares! We believe if we provide great customer service it will go along way. This is why, you should choose oil. Oil is our business! 

All About Oil 

Why Choose Oil?

Oil is Safe

  • Oil will not explode

  • Oil will only burn if heated to 140 degrees

  • Natural gas furnaces can malfunction and release carbon monoxide gas before any smoke is released leaving your family vulnerable

  • Oil furnaces will smoke before any harmful toxins are released into the air

Oil is Efficient

  • The department of ecological studies show that oil heats 16% more efficient than natural gas

  • Oil burns 400 degrees hotter than natural gas

  • Oil has a faster recovery than any other type of heat

  • Oil furnaces can be upgraded easily and economically

Oil Heat is Efficient

Oil heat has always been the efficiency leader. Heating efficiency is the amount of usable heat extracted from the potential energy of the fuel. If a heating system is 85% efficient, 85 cents of every dollar you spend goes to heat your home and hot water.

Efficiencies of new oil equipment range from 83% to 95%. Efficiencies for gas ranges from 78% to 95%. Electric resistance heat and electric water heaters are between 27% and 31%, air-to-air heat pumps between 51% and 62%, and geothermal (ground source) heat pumps between 76% and 82% efficient.

Oil is Clean Heat

When properly adjusted and maintained, oil heat systems create no observable soot, dirt, or odors in the home. They release almost no smoke or combustion residue up the chimney. Emissions from residential gas, propane, and oil burners are all at about the same low level.

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