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          Knight Fuel Oil sells and installs top-quality oil-fired boilers from some of the top trusted names in the industry. Today's boilers are more efficient than ever before  with efficiency ratings of 90 percent and higher! With a new boiler you don't have to worry about losing heat up the chimney.

          Oil Tanks :

 Heating your home with Oil heat means that you can oversee your warmth. A heating oil storage tank allows you to store an adequate supply of heating oil to use when you need it. Knight Fuel Oil installs technologically improved Granby aboveground tanks that are both corrosion-resistant and safe.

       Aboveground Storage Tank Replacement :

If your home is between 30 and 50 years old and has its original tank, it's time to give Knight Fuel Oil a call. We can inspect your tank and advise you on replacement options based on the size, type and installation location for your home.

If your aboveground tank experiences an accidental release, you can replace it with a new aboveground tank made from corrosion-resistant steel and fiberglass that improves tank safety and extends tank life. Aboveground tanks can be customized for those hard-to-fit places.

If your current aboveground Oil heat storage tank needs to be replaced, Call Knight Fuel Oil!    914-786-2043

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